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Typhoon Relief — Other Rebuilding Projects


Seed donation to start rebuilding the Jesus Nazareno Shrine in Baybay, Roxas City

nazareno 3

Donated to Nipa Baptist Church Church for needed repairs



Repaired the roof of the San Roque Chapel in Sitio Takilid, Baybay, Roxas City

Typhoon Relief — Tukod Katig


And now, with roofs over their heads we were ready for the last phase, helping the fishermen fish again by rebuilding their broken boats.

Livelihood Destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda

The Rebuilding

Typhoon Relief — Tukod Balay


After food relief, it was time to roof the battered homes…so TUKOD BALAY commenced.  We bought materials to fix homes, just to keep the rain and sun away.  Armed with materials, galvanized sheets, roof glue, nails , good will and a carpenter, we proceeded to help those who needed help…almost 100 homes were rebuilt over the next 3 months.