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2016 In Retrospect


2016 started with hope and promise.

Time, perhaps, to help change history both in the Philippines and the United States with our votes.  Depending on who you voted for, there was elation or disappointment.  But the verdict is not yet out.  The coming year, or years, will tell and history will judge.

In this “master” blog, I’ve included three blogs  which are retrospective views (although political in nature) of 2016.


Philippines – 2016 – The Year in Retrospect

2016 U.S. Presidential Election: We Just Want It Over


It’s been a grueling, traumatic, and exhausting 2016 presidential campaign.  And I am not talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I’m talking about us, the voters.

We’ve never seen so much vitriol, demagoguery, nastiness in this campaign.  And I’m talking about Donald Trump.

It seems like a bad dream.  Wake me up when it’s over.  But let me vote and let them count my vote.  And, when I wake up, Hillary is president.  Remember the ending of the Roger Rabbit movie?  I’d imagine the day after the elections, when Hillary wins, the election chaos will be over, the muck will have been washed away, and Trump’s wall of lies, misogyny, hatred, and bigotry will have been breached.