Martial Law, Edjop, Ditto and Jun (and Bongbong)


There are forgotten heroes who died during the tyrannical Martial Law regime of Ferdinand Marcos.  Among them are Edgar Jopson (Edjop), Abraham Sarmiento, Jr. (Ditto), and Artemio Celestial, Jr. (Jun).  I had the honor of being in school with them – Ditto was my classmate in high school, Edjop was ahead by one year in high school and college, and I was ahead of Jun by a year.

For those of us who came into adulthood during Martial Law, it was a tumultuous, traumatic, and uncertain time.  We lost a lot during martial law.  We lost our political innocence.  We lost our sense of security and certainty about the future.  We lost our naivety. We lost 25 years of economic growth. We lost friends.

And now Bongbong Marcos wants to rewrite history.  How dare him!  Whitewashing, glossing over the martial law years.  Even revising history by saying that Marcos did the country great by declaring martial law – peace and order, discipline, econominc growth, strong leadership – all lies!  Lies being perpetuated by the Marcos family and their mercenaries.

Never again!

Let us make sure that we do not celebrate Ferdinand Marcos.

Let’s celebrate Edjop, Ditto, and Jun.

Let us be vigilant that history is written as it was and the truth is that martial law was a dark chapter in our history.  Let us remember those who died during martial law.

Let us declare Sep 21 as Araw ng Kagitingan to honor those who suffered and died under martial law.

And let us not elect Bongbong Marcos as vice-president.

Vote Mar Roxas for president and Leni Robredo for vice-president.

Galen S. Altavas

Galen Altavas has worked in both the private and public sectors both in the Philippines and the United States, as a rural banker, fishpond operator, marketing manager, financial analyst, IT manager and IT project manager. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Ateneo de Manila University and an MBA in Finance from the Seattle University in Seattle, WA. He resides in Baybay, Roxas City, Philippines and Seattle, WA.