The Plight of the People of Roxas City


Aid was coming alright but perhaps not enough or not to the people who needed it most.

Victoria Altavas-Arcega of Baybay, Roxas City wrote:

Just came from the cousins next door and this is what we talked about…

Here in Roxas the need is really money…there are a lot of fundraisers but none of those NGO trickle money down here…there is not much news about Capiz….the reality is there are many hungry babies and old women and pregnant mothers here. They really do not need something which will come in 45 days, although it would be of help then. I was with the cousins over the bakod and Tony Morente’s advocacy is a feeding program right here in Culasi and Baybay and says there is nothing he can give to these people. Today he had a bigas rationing for the poor of Baybay and neighboring barangays. He complains that there is nothing coming this way…all the donations are caught in the bureaucratic mess of the politicians and NGOs and the only way it gets to the people now is for us concerned citizens of Baybay to give it directly to them. Even the Red Cross here do not seem to give people the food they need. I can see his plight so maybe I will write my class 70 friends…[ask for] donations and they will go to the people who need them directly…no NGOs to tie up the money.

…Maybe with the help of my classmates we can help the others. We will try to get money donations however small from our friends…

Clothes are aplenty here …they need food…


Furthermore Yoli Marquez-Lim Altavas wrote:

The grounds are littered with fallen branches, fallen trees, fallen electric posts.

More tragic are the circumstance of many who lost their homes, everything in it and hard pressed to start all over again. Such is what befell my 2 secretaries…. How heart tugging to read their text to me saying, “Mam, wala na kami balay pati gamit namon”. The house they built were of light materials man lang which came from cash advances and loans and selling insurance. All hard earned. It’s so hard to be poor.

The tv coverage is now showing the devastation wrought by the super typhoon. Its just unbelievable. More scenes of misery will be seen. Just came from mass and the priest asked for any donation for a classmate, now parish priest of Lemery, a northern town where the typhoon started who texted him ” I have no more church”. The same scene we saw when the earthquake struck Bohol and many churches collapsed to the ground. It has now happened nearer home.

Hope those people who have robbed the Filipino people blind will find it in their heart the decency to pay back and pay back Plenty.

For those spared, its count your blessings time and share.

Pray that everyone stay strong in their faith and their resiliency to rise and start over.

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Galen S. Altavas

Galen Altavas has worked in both the private and public sectors both in the Philippines and the United States, as a rural banker, fishpond operator, marketing manager, financial analyst, IT manager and IT project manager. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Ateneo de Manila University and an MBA in Finance from the Seattle University in Seattle, WA. He resides in Baybay, Roxas City, Philippines and Seattle, WA.