Metro Manila Traffic — It’s a Mess!

Quezon City to Makati — 1:00 pm

On Feb 26, 2016, about 11am, we decided to drive from Quezon City to Makati to meet some friends.

The trip from Congressional Subd. in Quezon City to the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati is 17.6 kilometers.

QC to Makati - Large Map

The trip should have taken only between 28 – 40 minutes.

It took us about one hour and sixteen minutes (1:16) to make the trip from Quezon City to Makati.  We drove from Congressional Ave. (between Mindanao Ave. and Visayas Ave.), through Visayas Ave., Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon Ave., EDSA, and Ayala Ave., to the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.  The 17.6 kilometer (10.9 miles) trip took slightly more than an hour — not bad, you say — but our average speed was about 14 kph or 8.6 mph.

I’ll take you for a ride from Quezon City to Makati at 32 times (32x) the normal video replay speed, from the dashcam in our car.  Enjoy the trip for  two minutes and 23 seconds (00:02:23):

If you have time on your hands, I also posted the trip in actual time (1 hour and 16 minutes – 1:16).  Slog through with me on a magical tour of Manila traffic and enjoy the sights and the brake lights.

For those of you who’ve had enough of this traffic, you can stop here.

For those who are not faint of heart, still have time, and are curious, journey with us on our return trip from Makati to Quezon City in the evening rush hour.

Makati to Quezon City — 6:00 pm

We left Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Ayala Ave. at 6:00 pm for our return trip to Quezon City.  A lot of folk advised us of the traffic during rush hour and they were right!

Travel time from Makati to Quezon City was two hours and 10 minutes (2:10).  Speed — 8 kph or 5 mph.

At this speed and distance, the bladder of a senior citizen fills up quickly and so we had to take a potty break at a gas station (I did not include the potty stop in my time and speed calculations).

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of the return trip at 32x video replay speed — 4 min. and 3 sec. (00:04:03):

Ok, for you traffic masochists, here is the entire two hour and 10 minute (2:10) video.  The neon lights on the highway and the red brake lights from the car paint a pretty picture of the concrete and asphalt jungle and, believe me, there are animals, er, inconsiderate drivers out there.

So, that’s it.  I share the frustration of those who suffer this daily workday grind.  And for those who are not from or do not live in Manila, I hope that I may have somehow given you an idea of how it feels to be stuck in the Metro Manila traffic for hours.

Political commentary:  One of the reasons that one of the presidential candidates lost because of the terrible traffic in Metro Manila.  I hope that our new administration can do something about this horrible traffic mess.

Galen S. Altavas

Galen Altavas has worked in both the private and public sectors both in the Philippines and the United States, as a rural banker, fishpond operator, marketing manager, financial analyst, IT manager and IT project manager. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Ateneo de Manila University and an MBA in Finance from the Seattle University in Seattle, WA. He resides in Baybay, Roxas City, Philippines and Seattle, WA.